DAVInspector Development

DAVInspector is an open volunteer project based on the spirit of the Open Development and Free Software. You can visit the project home at SourceForge.net:


DAVInspector Development

DAVInspector could be extented by the use of plugins. To find out how to write you own plugin please take a look at the DAVInspectorPlugin-Develement Howto - PDF



Getting involved

There are lots of ways to contribute to the project. We are always glad to meet the developers, testers, UI and UX designers, writers of documentation and help topics, localization translators and other people who want to get involved to the project and assist in its further continuation and development.

The first step if you are going to get involved is to subscribe to DAVInspector mailing list. This does not require any registration except for submitting your e-mail address. As a mailing list member you can make a good direct contribution like as proposing ideas and new features, reporting bugs, submitting patches, bug-fixes, resources, etc.


DAVInspector Roadmap

The ideas for future development of DAVInspector are collected using a mindmap. The original mindmap file is stored in the DAVInspector repository. You are also welcome to use the sourceforge.net tracker to file feature requests or bugs, of course.

The mindmap was created using FreeMind.